Rex Ambassador Safety Razor Review

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The Rex Ambassador Adjustable Stainless Steel DE Razor has garnered a significant following among wet shaving enthusiasts who value the unique design and superior shaving performance it offers.

Claimed by many to be the last razor you’ll ever need to buy, the Rex Ambassador sets the bar high for premium razors in the market. However, commanding a price of $295 for the baseline model, it’s essential to take a closer look at its features, performance, and overall value to determine if it’s worth the investment.

This review will be doing just that by providing an in-depth analysis of the Rex Ambassador’s build quality, adjustability, balance, and shaving experience.

Merging Vintage Aesthetics with Modern Engineering in Design and Build Quality

The Rex Ambassador boasts a sleek, elegant design that seamlessly blends vintage-inspired aesthetics with modern engineering. Crafted using the highest marine-grade stainless steel materials (SAE 316), this razor features a closed comb design and a patented adjustment system. The result is a luxurious shaving tool that exudes an elevated experience in both form and function.

While the design is subjective, we think the Rex Ambassador adds a splash of elegance and sophistication to any shaving setup. Its polished finish, timeless silhouette, and intricate details, such as the red circle to indicate the current adjustment setting and the vintage-style numbering etched on the neck of the handle, set it apart from competitors in the crowded DE Razor market.

Materials Used in the Rex Ambassador Razor

Constructed from 316L marine-grade stainless steel, the Rex Ambassador is designed for maximum durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring a lifetime of use.

This makes the razor suitable for heirloom quality, passing it down from generation to generation without losing its effectiveness or aesthetic appeal.

Tackling Tight Spots with Ease: Slim Head Profile

The Rex Ambassador has a slightly thinner head compared to other safety razors on the market including the Parker Variant, Merkur Futur, or the Merkur Progress making it easier to tackle tight spots and hard-to-reach areas such as under the nose, around the jawline, and the contours of the neck.

This allows for greater precision and ultimately a smoother shaving experience with minimal irritation or nicks.

Razor Balance and Weight Distribution: A Perfect Harmony

Weighing in at 3.5 oz (100g) and measuring 3.5” (87mm) in length, the Rex Ambassador strikes an optimal balance between heft and maneuverability. Its well-distributed weight ensures an effortless and consistent shaving experience, reducing the need for applying excessive pressure and minimizing skin irritation.

When compared to other safety razors, the weight is just slightly above average, enough to provide a substantial feel in the hand without causing fatigue during extended use.

Here’s a chart that compares the Rex Ambassador to other popular safety razors in terms of weight and length:

As for length, the 3.5″ is rather modest and skews smaller than some other popular safety razors, but still provides enough handle for a comfortable grip and excellent control during the shave. Those with larger hands should consider the Rex Ambassador XL as it stands a full inch taller, at 4.5″ (114mm) in length, providing more real estate for larger hands and a slightly different balance point.

Lastly, here’s a chart that compares the Rex Ambassador to other popular safety razors to give you an idea of their length differences:

Grip and Control

The knurled “Sure Grip” handle of the Rex Ambassador is designed for exceptional grip and control even when wet. The textured handle ensures a secure hold during your shaving routine, providing comfort and ease of use. The pattern is more of a raised and recessed rectangular design, that rivals the classic diamond knurling found on other razors, ensuring optimal grip without being overly aggressive or uncomfortable in the hand.

Customizable Shaving Experience

One of the key selling points of the Rex Ambassador is its infinitely adjustable blade gap, allowing users to easily dial in the desired level of aggressiveness to achieve a close or mild shave, depending on their skin type and hair growth.

Rex Supply Co. states that the Ambassador has a blade gap that ranges from 0.012″ to 0.052″ which is fairly wide when compared to other adjustable safety razors on the market. This range allows just about anyone, from beginners to experienced wet shavers, to find their ideal setting for a comfortable and efficient shave. The adjustment mechanism features a 1 to 6.5 setting ring, with each number representing a different level of aggressiveness. The ring moves smoothly so you can use any blade gap within this range, not just the numbered settings.

Additionally, whole numbers are aligned with a dot for easy and precise reading, ensuring that you can consistently return to your preferred setting for each shave.

Blade Replacement and Alignment

The two-piece design allows for easy and safe blade replacement and alignment. To change the blade, simply unscrew the handle counterclockwise from the razor head until the two pieces separate. Once separated, carefully remove the used blade from the razor head, being mindful of the sharp edges, then place a new DE blade onto the razor head, ensuring that it is centered and aligned with the blade posts and edge guides.

What further sets this razor apart from so many others is that instead of relying on two posts to align the blade, the Rex Ambassador features two elongated central posts that ensure precise and consistent blade alignment every single time.

These central posts extend from the razor’s base plate and slot into the corresponding holes in the blade, providing a more stable and secure fit for the blade during shaving. This eliminates any potential for uneven blade exposure or misalignment, which can lead to nicks, cuts, or an inconsistent shave.

Shave Performance

As expected the Rex Ambassador delivers a stellar shave performance due to its adjustable nature and excellent blade alignment. The ability to customize the aggressiveness levels of the razor allows users to tailor the shave according to their skin type, hair coarseness, and personal preferences.

This ensures that everyone can achieve a comfortable and close shave without causing irritation, razor burn, or ingrown hair.

Aside from our own analysis of the shave performance, numerous users have praised the Rex Ambassador for its excellent balance, heft, and maneuverability, which contribute significantly to the overall shaving experience.

Here’s one such review from a satisfied user:

It’s a beautiful piece of art and engineering that delivers a magnificent shave. The adjustable blade exposure is perfect for finding the right aggressiveness level.

David Z.

The biggest complaint we found regarding the Rex Ambassador’s shaving performance was the initial learning curve for some users. While it is not overly complicated in nature, beginners may require some time to acclimate to the varying aggressiveness levels and feel of the razor.

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t necessarily a fault of the razor’s design, but rather a common occurrence when adapting to any new shaving tool, especially one as versatile as the Rex Ambassador. With practice and patience, most users eventually find their ideal settings and techniques to achieve a consistently smooth and comfortable shave.

Popular wet shaving forum users also give high marks to the Rex Ambassador for its build and shave quality. The largest gripe wet shaving aficionados have with the Rex Ambassador is its price point, which can be a barrier to entry for those looking to try this adjustable razor.

Comparing the Rex Ambassador to Other Razors

When considering alternatives, two adjustable razors come to mind: the Merkur Progress, which features a different design aesthetic, and the Parker Variant, offering comparable performance levels. Of these two, the Progress is more reliable and generally delivers a better shave, but lacks the sleek appearance and build quality of the Rex Ambassador. The Parker Variant, on the other hand, has a similar design to the Rex Ambassador but falls short in terms of the premium feel and overall build quality.

If you are interested in either of these models, we invite you to check out our review of the Merkur Progress and the Parker Variant, both of which provide in-depth analysis and comparisons to help you make an informed decision.

Behind the Rex Ambassador Razor: The Rex Supply Co.

The Rex Ambassador is crafted by the Rex Supply Co., an American company renowned for its focus on high-quality shaving products, accessories, and grooming tools. They were founded in 2017 by Matt Pisarcik.

Based in Texas, the Rex Supply Co. is driven by the goal of reviving the art of traditional wet shaving and providing enthusiasts with the best possible shaving experience. By combining innovative engineering, top-notch materials, and attention to detail, the company has quickly gained a reputation for producing some of the finest razors on the market.

In addition to the Rex Ambassador, the Rex Supply Co. also offers a range of other products, including shaving brushes, shaving soap, aftershave, razor stands, and leather travel cases.

Warranty, Country of Origin, and Price: A Luxury Investment

Each Rex Ambassador razor comes with a unique serial number and a lifetime warranty for added reliability and trustworthiness. Manufactured in the USA, it ensures adherence to high-quality control standards. Priced at $295, the Rex Ambassador is a luxury grooming investment.

Is the Rex Ambassador Worth Considering?

The Rex Ambassador is best suited for experienced wet shavers who appreciate high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and a fully customizable shaving experience. If you are willing to invest in a premium safety razor, the Rex Ambassador stands out as a top contender in the market.

However, if you are just testing the waters, and are unsure if adjustable razors are right for you, it might be wise to consider a more budget-friendly option before making the investment.

What we like:

  • Elegant design and high-quality stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable blade exposure for a customizable shaving experience
  • Excellent grip with a knurled handle
  • Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty

What we don’t like:

  • Expensive compared to other safety razors available in the market

The Bottom Line

The Rex Ambassador is a luxurious adjustable safety razor that combines aesthetics, build quality, and precision shaving performance. Its stainless steel construction, customizable aggressiveness, and impressive design make it a worthy investment for experienced wet shavers seeking a top-quality, long-lasting razor. However, its relatively high price tag and potential aggressiveness may not be suitable for all users.

Overall Rating:

Compare the Rex Ambassador to other adjustable safety razors:

Features Add Product
NameRex AmbassadorMerkur FuturMerkur ProgressRockwell Razors 6CParker VariantRockwell 6S
Overall Rating
BrandRex Supply Co.MerkurMerkurRockwell RazorsParkerRockwell
Composition316L Stainless SteelChrome-plated brassBrass and die-cast zinc alloyClosed combBrass and zamak alloy316L Stainless Steel
GripDeeply knurledSmoothOctagonalKnurledKnurledKnurled
CombClosed combClosed combClosed combClosed combClosed combClosed comb
Country of OriginUSAGermanyGermanyChinaIndiaUSA
Blade CompatibilityDouble-edge safety razor bladesDouble-edge safety razor bladesDouble-edge safety razor bladesDouble-edge safety razor bladesDouble-edge safety razor bladesDouble-edge safety razor blades
Number of Blades111111
Number of Pieces222325
Weight in Ounces3.734.43.283.523.884.16
Weight in Grams10612593100110118
Length in Inches3.54.333.53.7443.74
Length in Centimeters8.9118.99.510.169.5
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