Muhle R89 Review

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Developed and engineered in Germany, the Muhle R89 safety razor simply looks outstanding. However, as is the case with all safety razors, looks aren’t the only important factor to consider.

This closed-comb counterpart to the highly popular Muhle R41 open comb razor is known for its exceptional performance, build quality, and ease of use for both beginners and experienced wet shavers alike. The Muhle R89 is built with precision and attention to detail, ensuring a consistently smooth and efficient shave.

This review will focus on both the design features and shaving performance of the Muhle R89, providing a comprehensive analysis of its strengths and areas for improvement.

Reviewing the Features of the Muhle R89

Here we’ll look at the design, balance, length, and more of the Muhle R89.


The Muhle R89 boasts a timeless design aesthetic, featuring a high-quality chrome finish and meticulous craftsmanship. The corrosion-resistant finish offers a touch of luxury to the shaving experience and is designed to ensure the longevity of your investment.

The cap on this three-piece design razor is simple to use, making blade replacement and maintenance a breeze.

Simply said, adding the R89 to any bathroom will enhance its overall look with a touch of elegance and sophistication.


The Muhle R89 has a total weight of 68 grams (2.4 ounces). It runs a bit lighter than some other safety razors on the market, but this doesn’t mean it lacks in performance or quality.

The weight is well balanced from head to handle, providing a stable feel during the shaving process. Some users may prefer a slightly heavier razor for added heft, but the R89’s comfortable weight distribution means it’s easy to maneuver and adapt to various shaving techniques.

Here’s how this razor compares to other safety razors:

Length and Grip

One of the most crucial factors in determining a razor’s effectiveness is the handle grip. The Muhle R89 features an engraved knurled handle, ensuring a secure grip, whether you choose the classic chrome, the more extravagant rose gold, or the faux tortoiseshell option.

The etching isn’t as deep of knurling as found on some other razors, but it still provides sufficient grip, even with wet and soapy hands.

Measuring 3.7″ in length, the R89 provides sufficient control and maneuverability for most users, including those with small to moderately sized hands, enhancing the overall shaving experience.

Here’s how the R89 compares to other razors in terms of length:


The closed comb safety razor design of the Muhle R89 contributes to its mild shave aggressiveness, making it perfect for those new to double-edge safety razors or users with sensitive skin.

The head of the safety razor is engineered for precision, providing a clean and smooth shave with minimal tugging or irritation.

Shaving Performance

The overall shaving quality of the Muhle R89 is exceptional. Our testing found it to be similar to that of Edwin Jagger’s DE89 or many of the Merkur line of razors.

However, where it falls short is in its slightly milder aggressiveness, which may require additional passes for users with coarse or stubborn beard growth. This could of course be problematic if you had a coarse beard and sensitive skin as the additional passes may increase the risk of irritation.

But on the flip side, this feature is ideal for new wet shavers or users with sensitive skin, as the risk of cuts and irritation is significantly reduced.

Customer Feedback

Aside from our own analysis, the feedback from customers using the Muhle R89 has been overwhelmingly positive.

Here’s one such review we found to be insightful:

“I absolutely love this razor. The closed comb feature ensures a safe and close shave, even for a beginner like me. I found that the Feather blade works best for me.” – Ricky L.

However, some users may find the mild aggressiveness to be too mild for their personal preference:

“The angle of attack on this razor is too mild for my liking. It requires multiple passes to get a somewhat close shave, and it’s just not worth the hassle. I might consider a more aggressive variant in the future.” – Jordan K.

Wet Shaving Communities

One interesting aspect of the wet shaving world is that it has a strong and opinionated community of enthusiasts. Forums, blogs, and social media groups provide valuable input and insight into the overall experience with products such as the Muhle R89.

One reader noted on The Shaving Den that the R89 relies on brass screws which is a win for durability and corrosion resistance, but they also mentioned that they personally would prefer brass throughout the entire construction for an even more robust and long-lasting razor.

As for shave performance, there is a passionate fan base of folks over on Reddit’s /r/wicked_edge discussing the merits of the Muhle R89 that is worth checking out. The general consensus seems to be that the R89 is a good choice for beginners however there are some worthy alternatives available.

Exploring Muhle R89 Alternatives

While the Muhle R89 is an excellent choice for many, there are alternatives in the market that may suit your needs better:

  • Merkur 34C: A popular safety razor option with a more aggressive shave than the R89, ideal for those looking for a closer shave.
  • Edwin Jagger DE89 series: Nearly identical to the Muhle R89 in terms of design and performance – since they share the same head design – but offer more handle choices, including lined, smooth, and barley-patterned options. It is an equally reputable brand and another fantastic choice for both beginners and experienced wet shavers.

Razor Blade Compatibility

The Muhle R89 is compatible with most standard double-edge razor blades, giving users the flexibility to experiment with different blades to find the perfect combination for their skin and hair type.

While Muhle includes one branded blade, we recommend picking up a sample pack of various blades, such as Feather, Astra, Derby, or Personna, so you can have a variety of options to test and find the optimal fit for your unique needs. Remember that each blade may perform differently based on individual factors such as skin sensitivity and the thickness of facial hair. It is essential to identify the blade that provides the best level of sharpness, smoothness, and longevity for your unique skin and facial hair growth.

Price and Value for Money – Is the Muhle R89 Worth It?

Priced at approximately $46, the Muhle R89 safety razor is pricey if you are transitioning from a cartridge razor.

However, when considering that the razor is made in Germany, from a reputable brand, and boasts durable, high-quality materials and craftsmanship, the investment could prove to be well worth it in the long run – especially if traditional wet shaving is something you plan to stick with. Additionally, the cost of double-edge razor blades is significantly cheaper than cartridge razor replacements, leading to long-term savings on shaving essentials.

Keep in mind that the Muhle R89’s mild aggressiveness may not be suitable for everyone – nor may be your favorite razor in the long run – but it is an excellent starting point for beginners or those with sensitive skin.

What We Like

  • High-quality chrome finish and craftsmanship
  • Mild aggressiveness ideal for beginners or sensitive skin
  • Secure grip and balanced weight distribution

What We Don’t Like

  • May be too mild for those looking for a more aggressive shave

The Bottom Line

The Muhle R89 safety razor is a fantastic choice for those looking to indulge in a premium, classic wet shaving experience. With its high-quality chrome finish, mild aggressiveness, and secure grip, it’s ideal for both beginners and experienced wet shavers. With proper maintenance and care, this German-engineered razor will serve you well for years to come, enhancing your daily grooming routine.

Overall Rating:

Compare the Mühle R89 to other safety razors:

Features Add Product
NameMühle R89Merkur 38CMerkur 34CMerkur 37CMühle R41Merkur 25C
Overall Rating
CompositionChromeBrass and die-cast zinc alloyBrass and die-cast zinc alloyBrass and die-cast zinc alloyChrome-plated metalChrome-plated brass and zinc die-casting
GripFine chasingSwirling GroovesKnurledSwirling GroovesFine chasingKnurled
CombClosed combClosed combClosed combSlantOpen combOpen comb
Country of OriginGermanyGermanyGermanyGermanyGermanyGermany
Blade CompatibilityDouble-edge safety razor bladesDouble-edge safety razor bladesDouble-edge safety razor bladesDouble-edge safety razor bladesDouble-edge safety razor bladesDouble-edge safety razor blades
Number of Blades111111
Number of Pieces322233
Weight in Ounces2.253.922.822.72.252.4
Weight in Grams6411180776468
Length in Inches3.743.
Length in Centimeters9.410.168.338.39.410.3
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