Bevel Safety Razor Review

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The Bevel Safety Razor has garnered much attention among people with coarse or curly hair, offering superior shaving performance compared to other products on the market.

Like the King C. Gillette Safety Razor, the Bevel is widely available at major retailers – making it one of the few offerings that are available for convenient purchase both online and in-store. This accessibility has helped it to be a popular choice amongst both experienced wet shavers and those new to the practice alike.

But does its popularity translate to genuine effectiveness in providing a smooth, irritation-free shave?

Let’s delve deeper into the various features, analyze user experiences, and assess the overall value of the razor to help you make an informed decision.

Sleek Design and Durable Construction

Perhaps its most attractive feature is also one of the biggest drawbacks to this safety razor.

With a two-tone shiny and matte finish, the Bevel Safety Razor not only stands out aesthetically but also offers added benefits. The matte portion prevents fingerprints and smudges from showing, making the razor easy to clean and maintaining its pristine appearance.

Although the razor’s smooth handle may pose difficulties for some users in terms of grip and control, making it somewhat slippery when wet. Due to this factor, those with shaky or unsteady hands might find it challenging to handle the razor during a wet shave. Furthermore, shower shaving can also be a bit precarious due to the slippery grip.

Weight and Balance

The Bevel Safety Razor features a weighted brass handle, which contributes to better control during the shaving process, allowing the razor’s weight to do most of the work.

At 3.13 oz (88.7 grams), the Bevel is neither too light nor too heavy, striking a good balance for most users. This moderate weight results in a smoother, more comfortable shave.

Where this matters is with the balance of the razor. The Bevel Safety Razor exhibits a well-distributed weight throughout its length, ensuring that the center of gravity falls near the midsection of the handle. This balance helps users to apply the appropriate amount of pressure during the shaving process without unintentionally dragging the blade against the skin. As a result, there is less likelihood of experiencing razor burns, nicks, or cuts, contributing to its popularity amongst those with sensitive skin.

Here’s how the weight of the Bevel Safety Razor compares to other safety razors:

Handle Length: A Matter of Preference

While some users appreciate the Bevel Razor’s design, others have found the handle to be too long, making it difficult to hold and maneuver during shaving. The long handle also makes it tricky to shave tight areas, such as under the nose or around the jawline.

The razor’s length is 4.25″ or about 108mm, which might be comfortable for users with larger hands or who prefer longer handles. However, those with smaller hands or who desire a more compact razor may find this length less than ideal.

Here’s how the length of the Bevel Safety Razor compares to other safety razors:

Note: This longer length may be good if it’s your first safety razor as it is of a similar length to a cartridge razor, which most people are accustomed to using. Gradually, as users become more proficient in their wet shaving technique, they might want to explore shorter handle options for better control and precision.

Bevel Razor Blades

The double-edged razor blades provided with the Bevel Safety Razor are designed for close, comfortable shaves with minimal irritation. The blades are okay but not the best in the market. They are made from stainless steel, which ensures their durability and sharpness.

You can purchase a 20-pack of blades for about $9.95. This equates to approximately $0.50 per blade, which is rather expensive for safety razor blades. For context, Feather razor blades, which are widely considered among the best available, are typically priced around $0.40 per blade. However, users have the option of using any standard double-edged razor blade with the Bevel Safety Razor, so they can choose their preferred blade brand and price point.

Lastly, the alignment of the blade isn’t perfectly symmetrical within the razor head, which may cause some inconsistency in the angle and efficiency of the shave. This was noted in a detailed look at the Bevel Razor over at Badger & Blade, which is worth giving a read if you are on the fence about purchasing this razor.

Shaving with The Bevel Safety Razor

The Bevel razor performs well, but not exceptionally, when compared to other safety razors in the market. It offers a mild shave, making it suitable for beginners or those with sensitive skin.

As is the case with any other safety razor, the reduction of razor bumps is notable. So if this is an issue that currently plagues your shaving routine, the Bevel Safety Razor can help alleviate this common problem. However, those seeking an aggressive or extremely close shave might find the Bevel Safety Razor to be lacking in that department.

As an entry-level model, it is okay, however, we think there are better models out there in terms of performance, build quality, and value for money. We’ll go over some alternative safety razors later on.

Users Experiences

Aside from our own analysis of this razor, we also looked at customer reviews, wet shaving forums, and YouTube videos of folks giving hands-on demonstrations of the Bevel Safety Razor. The general consensus among users is that, while the razor is stylish and easy to use, it may not offer the best shaving experience for more experienced wet shavers or those in search of an aggressive shave.

Many users appreciate the mildness of this razor.

The grip was constantly noted as a significant downside. As one customer noted:

The grip on the Bevel Safety Razor is quite slippery, especially when wet, and I found myself adjusting my grip frequently during my shave. This resulted in a few weepers that I normally don’t experience with my other safety razors. Overall, I would say the performance was decent, but the grip issue was a major drawback.

Mark H.

Over on Reddit, folks chimed in and stated that the Bevel was rather good and mild, but that the ancillary supplies they stock can be a bit pricey when there are other cost-effective and better-performing options available in the market.

About Bevel

Founded by Tristan Walker, Bevel is a company that aims to provide shaving products specifically designed for those with coarse or curly hair. The Bevel Shaving Kit includes the Bevel Safety Razor, razor blades, a shaving brush, pre-shave oil, shea butter-infused shaving cream, and a restoring balm.

Recently, they began to expand into hair and skin care products, offering items such as facial cleansers, exfoliating toners, spot correctors, and even hair pomades.

While the price is slightly higher than other great brands that are available, we think that the overall breadth of products is nice, especially if you prefer to have a cohesive set of grooming products from one brand.

Alternative Options

While the Bevel Safety Razor is okay, there are a few other razors that we think are worth considering, which include:

  1. Merkur 34C Heavy-Duty Safety Razor: The Merkur 34C is a popular choice among wet shavers, both experienced and newcomers. It boasts a two-piece design, making it easy to change the blades, and offers a more aggressive shave without being overly harsh on the skin. The knurled handle ensures a secure grip, even when wet, making it a great alternative for those who struggle with slippery handles like the Bevel Safety Razor.
  2. Edwin Jagger DE89 Safety Razor: This English-made safety razor is lauded for its perfect balance, resulting in a smooth and comfortable shave. The chrome-plated handle provides an elegant appearance, while the three-piece design makes it easy to maintain and clean. Its moderate level of aggressiveness makes it suitable for both beginners and experienced shavers alike.
  3. Rockwell 6C Adjustable Safety Razor: The Rockwell 6C is an adjustable safety razor that offers six levels of aggressiveness, making it perfect for those who want a customizable and personalized shaving experience. Made from zinc alloy, this razor is built to last and provide a consistently good shave. The versatility of the 6C allows it to accommodate various skin types, hair textures, and shaving preferences, making it an excellent choice for people with different shaving needs.

Is the Bevel Razor Worth Your Investment?

Priced at $49.95, the Bevel Safety Razor is a good, but not great safety razor. If you like to shop for your products in a store or want to start shaving today, then the Bevel Razor may be a convenient option for you as it is available in various retail outlets and can be easily found online. Just be sure to test out different blades to find the one that works best for you, as the provided Bevel blades might not suit everyone’s preferences.

What We Like

  • Reduced razor bumps and ingrown hairs
  • Well-weighted handle for better control
  • Eco-friendly and reusable design

What We Don’t Like

  • Difficulty in cleaning and blade changing
  • Handle grip can be slippery

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Bevel Safety Razor proves to be an excellent option for individuals with coarse or curly hair, as it has demonstrated its capability to reduce razor bumps and ingrown hairs. It’s weighted handle and modern design make it a user-friendly and attractive shaving tool. Although some users find the handle too long and slick, the Bevel Safety Razor is good entry option.

Overall Rating:

Compare the Bevel Safety Razor to other safety razors:

Features Add Product
NameBevel Safety RazorMerkur 38CMerkur 34CMerkur 37CMühle R41Merkur 25C
Overall Rating
CompositionBrassBrass and die-cast zinc alloyBrass and die-cast zinc alloyBrass and die-cast zinc alloyChrome-plated metalChrome-plated brass and zinc die-casting
GripSmoothSwirling GroovesKnurledSwirling GroovesFine chasingKnurled
CombClosed combClosed combClosed combSlantOpen combOpen comb
Country of OriginChinaGermanyGermanyGermanyGermanyGermany
Blade CompatibilityDouble-edge safety razor bladesDouble-edge safety razor bladesDouble-edge safety razor bladesDouble-edge safety razor bladesDouble-edge safety razor bladesDouble-edge safety razor blades
Number of Blades111111
Number of Pieces322233
Weight in Ounces3.133.922.822.72.252.4
Weight in Grams88.611180776468
Length in Inches4.2543.
Length in Centimeters10.810.168.338.39.410.3
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